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Art Intermezzo: Featuring series of sculptures created on the theme “Liberation” by artist Masa Paunović

At the second SEE Gaming Business Forum, we had a pleasure to present a virtual art gallery, as the premier of a newly introduced format: Art Intermezzo, featuring series of sculptures created on the theme “Liberation” by artist @Masa Paunović.

This series or sculptures was created on the theme “Liberation”. Liberation of emotions, liberation of pressure, liberation of matter. Rage, hatred, anger and fear are just some of the emotions that are present in the materialization of these sculptures. Each of the sculptures represents a living organism, which has the need to grow, become, spread and make contact with surroundings. In that process, emotion and energy are released into an irreversible flow of exchange and connection. Sculptures were made in the period between 2017 and 2021.

Maša is a Serbian sculptor, born on 30th of November 1981. She has exhibited her artwork internationally, as well as participated in numerous sculpture symposiums. Her solo and group exhibitions include five personal exhibitions in Serbia and one personal exhibition in South Korea, as well as more than 100 national and international group exhibitions. She received five awards for her sculpture.