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Agenda 2021


Panels & Topics.

9:30 – 10:00
( 0.30 Hour )


10:00 – 10:10
( 0.10 Hour )

Opening remarks

10:10 – 11:10
( 1 Hour )

Panel I - Keep on playing the game
How to stay on top of the market and where the new opportunities lie in SEE?
  • Looking ahead: Where will the strategic focus of the gaming community be in the next couple of years, having in mind the impact of inevitable recession?
  • What’s older chicken or an egg: Do land-based operators still take precedence over the online gambling in SEE?
  • How fast is online gaming developing? What type of games are the most attractive
  • M&As in the gaming industry: What makes a market attractive for an investment?
  • How will operators that are outsourcing their platforms cope with the situation in which their platform providers/partners are being bought by their competitors?
  • What are the differentiators for competitive advantage (what factors are affecting the customer’s decision where to spend his/her money)?

Ivan Stefanović, Transformation and Performance Improvement Expert

  • Stanislav Molnar, Board Member, National Lottery of Slovakia
  • Lazar Miučin, VP of Strategic Partnerships, NSoft
  • Nikola Teofilović, Senior Investment Manager, JKR Investment Group
  • Armen Tatarević , Business Development Global, ORYX Gaming
  • Sanja Isakov, General Manager, Greatodds

11:10 – 11:15
( 0.05 Hour )

Mini break (Firesidechat setup)

11:15 – 12:00
( 0.45 Hour )

Fireside chat: HR, HR, HR
How are industry players coping with lack of qualified human resources and why is employer branding important for this industry in particular?

Ivan Stefanović, Transformation and Performance Improvement Expert

  • Ivana Blečić, Operations Manager, Merkur Games
  • Jacob Folmand, Director, Better Collective
  • Selena Ševković, Human Resources Manager ,Victory

12:00 – 12:20
( 0.20 Hour )

Networking break

12:20 – 13:20
( 1 Hour )

Panel II – Regulatory issues
Keeping up with the gaming industry
  • Discussion with the Government(s) and the industry representatives: finding common goals.
  • Legislation goals: channeling the market to license operators and players’ safety? Is over-regulation suffocating gaming market development? How to find the right balance?
  • How to keep pace with the industry developments? The importance of pre-regulation research.
  • Digital ID and safety of personal data.
  • Is the regional market ready for the proliferation of online gambling in terms of regulation? Regional experience.
  • AML – latest developments

Stefan Antonić, Independent Attorney at law in cooperation with Deloitte

  • Adriana Minović, Head of Data Privacy and Compliance Governance, Betsson
  • Bojan Šćekić, CEO, Balkanbet
  • Tatjana Ševo, Compliance Professional, Founder and Director, MozaIQ Consulting Ltd
  • Sanja Ugrčić Pavlović, Chief Compliance Officer, ECD
  • Alex Petrović, Senior Partner, Joksović, Stojanović & Partners

13:20 – 14:20
( 1 Hour )


14:20 – 15:20
( 1 Hour )

Panel III – Technology & Gaming
There’s no business like tech business
  • Play n’ pay. Elevating user experience and safety.
  • ID platforms – quick onboarding (KYC)
  • Software solution providers – what types of games have dominated the market
  • Online gambling – desktops or smartphones? That is the question. Different games, different players, different platforms.

Bojan Sovilj, CEO, Cloudwalker and AWS Community Builder

  • Vasilije Leković, Director of Gaming, Trustly
  • Dragan Todorović, Director IT sector, Balkan Bet
  • Bernhard Reiterer, CEO, SignD
  • Danko Vuković, CEO, Elbet
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15:20 – 15:40
( 0.20 Hour )

Networking break

15:40 – 16:40
( 1 Hour )

Panel IV: Responsible gaming, marketing, and CSR
Let's play responsibly!
  • What gambling marketing professionals should be aware of when it comes to compliance and market positioning?
  • Leveraging increase of media consumption -an opportunity for brands to grow their presence?
  • The fine line between CSR and marketing initiatives
  • Responsible equals sustainable – what types of activities do operators should introduce to keep the players safe
  • Responsible gaming standards
  • Affiliates –how are they operating in see and how important are they for the marketing in gaming industry?
  • Mirjana Aćimović, President, JAKTA
  • Vasiliki Panousi, Manager EU affairs, EGBA
  • Romana Dernovšek, President & CEO of Loterija Slovenije, 2nd Vice President of European Lotteries (EL) and Supervisory Chair of the EL Working Group on Responsible Gaming and CSR
  • Anže Gantar, Digital Sales Manager, SiS (Sports Information Services)
  • Luka Jošić, CEO, Casino Horse
  • Katarina Vasilijević Vujinović, IT/ Quality Assurance and Compliance, Grand Casino Beograd


End of Day