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2020 Talks

Fourth Panel: How is Technology Disrupting the Gambling Industry and What We Can Do About It?

The 4th panel discussion was moderated by Raymond Chan (Alphaslot) and the speakers were Nikola Perić (Betagy), Danko Vuković (Elbet), Bojan Sovilj (Cloudwalker XYZ), Miloš Milovanović (Blinking) and Joseph Borg (WH Partners). They shared opinions on cloud, AI, big data and blockchain and how technology is changing the gaming industry.

Danko Vuković pointed out that the cloud technology has changed the way how gaming companies operate, enabling them to be more flexible, efficient and use less capacities. AI has a crucial role in the KYC and marketing procedures. AI performs analysis of the players’ patterns, plays and player’s history trying to make up the volatility in order to extract some more of the gaming revenue.

Bojan Sovilj described the cloud technology as an achievement that made a significant impact on the gaming world, since it is one of the most important technologies for the big data. AI will have a greater impact on the future and it will be difficult to find and retain people fit for this challenge according to Mr. Sovilj.

Nikola Perić said that the cloud technology helped them to scale-up the system, especially during the peaks and such step proved to be a very good move. He also stressed that any innovative endeavour must be aligned with the technological development of a particular market highlighting the case where they needed to make a few steps backwards in terms of technology in order to be able to start doing business. Mr. Perić added that an improved technology also means improved skills of the team that must keep pace with this dynamic market.

Miloš Milovanović described migration into cloud as an industry standard but also mentioned a lack of trust in certain cloud providers and legislative requirements as a downside of the use of cloud technology. When it comes to scaling-up a team, it is very important to have a good talent pool and knowledge sharing culture in the company.

Joseph Borg talked about the gaming industry and the benefits that come with the use of blockchain technology such as transparency, speed, easier payment processing and security. AI has been used for marketing purposes, responsible gaming and AML purposes. According to Mr. Borg, AI technology will soon become a standard in the gaming industry just as cloud. Mr. Borg took the opportunity to advise the gaming operators on how to present regulatory frameworks to the legislators, promoting technology neutrality and game neutrality having in mind that regulatory frameworks often limit introduction of new types of games.