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SiGMA is the quintessential gaming & emerging tech events company. SiGMA is also the purveyor of the latest gaming NEWS, and our dynamic MEDIA branch finds its ideal match by providing a premier online content network for knowledge sharing, advertisement, entertainment and news. SiGMA EVENTS elevate in-person interaction and networking to an art form and feature cutting-edge content.

SiGMA Europe Virtual Expo will focus on the European gaming and tech marketplace

SiGMA Group is excited to announce the launch of their November event, SiGMA Europe Virtual Expo. The online event, which runs from the 24th to 25th, will focus on the European gaming and tech marketplace. 

In a first for the company, the event will take place over a custom-designed virtual platform, offering attendees an engaging, fully interactive and visual experience that combines the SiGMA and AIBC brands.