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Speaker @SEEGF21: Ivana Blečić, Operations Manager at Merkur Games

Ivana Blečić, Merkur Games, will participate in the Fireside Chat dedicated to HR topics. We share her thoughts from her vast experience:

“While working in the gaming industry on various projects in Serbia, Germany and England, I has had the opportunity to see that we all face the same challenge. The biggest challenge is how to attract, hire and keep high quality staff. There are several reasons behind this: primarily, the general lack of staff in the labor market, employment in the industry is seen as a temporary job and opportunities for further career advancement and development are mostly unclear to potential employees.In my opinion, people are a key component in our industry, the essence that makes a difference. Everything else related to technology is easier to implement and enhance.

Working with people requires time and dedication, they need clarity, direction and constant motivation so this topic is an inexhaustible source of inspiration.”